Why Women Play Golf

The first question to ask is “why do men and women choose to play golf in the first place?” From the research and feedback that I have gathered, men want to play golf because it is a challenge. Golf is a game men love to conquer. It is an endless quest for perfection, and they spend lots of blood, sweat, tears, and money trying to beat the invisible foe, “Old Man Par.”

Women, on the other hand, play Ping K15 Irons for relationships; it is very personal. Women play golf to spend time with their husbands, friends, kids and clients. The experience of being with people they care about is important to them. Although women can enjoy competition, the top priority for playing golf is to have fun. If they do not achieve this goal, they will probably not stick with it.

Most women feel like they need to be skilled golfers before they can go out for a round. Being watched by others while you try to hit a tiny white ball can be pretty intimidating. The good news is that knowing what to do and how to behave is more important than how well you play.

The basics of golf for women will tell you everything you need to know to let you step out on the course with confidence, regardless of your level of play. So you can: join your friends for that charity tournament they’ve been bugging you about;  be part of the next company outing to that super-duper resort course, or finally go out for a round with your husband/partner and do more than just drive the cart!

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