Beginner Golf Shot Setup

The setup is one of the most important aspects of your golf game, and many golfers don’t realize how important it is.

Placing the ball in an incorrect position can make an otherwise great swing into a weak shot. Let’s discuss the various ways to put the golf ball when you are setting up.

Tee shots: Let’s say you pull out the big dog – the driver and you are setting up. Go through your process/routine and then take a quick look at your stance/positioning of the ball.

Is the ball settled directly across from the inner heel of your front foot? If not, this is where it should be. Personally, I’ve never hit a good shot when the ball was placed anywhere but here on my tee shots.

Next, after you have hit a monster drive because you set up correctly, you will perhaps have an iron shot into the green. Fairway woods will follow the same guidelines as the driver by the way.

If you are hitting a 5 or even 6 iron down to the 2 or 3, you’ll want to stay consistent with what we described for the driver. Inner heel. This is for your standard shot.

If you want to hit the ball with a lower trajectory or under a tree or something that alters your shot, you’ll want to position the ball back in your stance a bit. Swing a bit steeper and perhaps choke up on the club a bit for some shots. Your swing on these shots will be a bit altered, so this takes some practice to get comfortable.

Mid irons to short irons, I recommend positioning the ball in the middle of your stance and you will be closer to the ball. This will enable you to get the ball up in the air producing more backspin and control.

Half shots and chip shots can vary based on how your comfortable and how you are taught. Feel comes into play when it comes to those shots 50 yards out or so. Follow the same principles with positioning as with a full wedge shot.

Sand play finally brings in a whole new set of stances. I have learned some ways to play out of the bunker including opening my stance completely and leaning my body forward. I’ve also tried to put the ball near the front of my stance and make a smoother motion, but full swing through. This is one area that I try to stay out of. Although I love the beach, that doesn’t ring true in golf.

These are just some simple tips on how to position the golf ball for the various clubs you’ll use during your round. Hope they help you remember to pay attention each time you step up to the ball.

Good luck.

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