Rules for Using Golf Carts in Florida

The Golf cart is a motorized vehicle intended for use inside a Golf course as well as for personal use. It is also used in many other places such as retirement communities, but certain rules and regulations bind the possession and usage of the Golf cart. These rules often impact the usage of it and hence people who purchase it should be well aware of the rules.

Compulsory Equipment
The mandatory requirements of a Golf cart are stated by the Florida Senate Bill 1820. The foremost requirement of a Golf cart is that it should have a well-equipped steering device, for easy controllability. There are also requirements for the brakes and tires. They should be efficient and reliable to ensure a safe operation. The rear-view mirror is another essential element as it enables the user to get a good view of the goings-on around it. Finally, there should be reflective red tape installed on the front and rear bumpers to make them more visible during the day as well as night.

The Florida Senate 2005 (Senate Bill 1820), imposed a limitation on the use of it upon streets and public roads. Also, the driver of it should be above 14 years of age.

The Florida Senate Bill 1820 also provides some exception to the use of Golf Carts upon streets and public roads. Certain public roads and streets have special lanes or tracks meant for Golf carts. They are allowed to drive on these tracks. They are also authorized to cross a particular portion of the State highway which intersects a municipal street or county road. They are allowed to cross a highway in the case that the Golf course is situated on both the sides of the State highway and where a mobile home park is located. Golf carts are also allowed to access roads specially marked for its purpose.

Residential use of it is allowed by individual retirement communities. However, local rules and regulations may be there to control the operation of it in its’ premises.

Hours of Operation
The use of it is limited to daytime as per the Florida Senate Bill 1820. They should be used during the daytime which is between sunrise and sunset. Apart from this, the Golf carts should be well-outfitted with brake lights, headlamps, indicators, and windshield.

Violation of Rules
The Florida Senate Bill 1820 also imposes punishment for those who violate the rules and regulations. It will be considered a case of noncriminal traffic breach and a punishable offense.

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