Tips to Improve that All Important Golf Swing

One of the most talked about factors in improving your game at golf is the golf swing. Over time, you can perfect your golf swing, but at first, it looks much easier than it is. When you first started to play golf, you may have felt quite clumsy when taking your first drive. An excellent way to start feeling comfortable with your swing is by practicing at a driving range.

To start with, the golf swing is all about your body’s balance and the movement when taking the swing. It must be one swift motion when you swing. Remember not to overpower the swing, or you may lose your balance, and cause the ball to move off target with bad results. One of the best things you can do if you are just starting out is to ask a friend or even hire a trainer to help you with your golf swing at a driving range. If you don’t have the basics down such as the basic golf swing motion, you will be in for a long and frustrating road ahead. Without the basics, you can build on bad habits which later are harder to break.

If you are already comfortable with your golf swing, there is always room for improvement. Over time you may notice that your feet placement and the angle is important for your drive and where you want the ball to go. You will also have to adjust this when taking into account the wind factor and distance. For example, with strong cross winds you will have to change your angle more to the left or right as when the ball travels the wind will take it off course.

Sometimes, people may think that the most expensive clubs are the best clubs, but this isn’t the case. Always make sure you are playing with a set of clubs that you feel most comfortable with. Almost always this is going to be the set you have had a lot of practice with as going with a new set can offset your regular golf swing and your ‘feel’ for your shots.

Another thing you want to keep in mind is sometimes you have to play it safe or as they say better safe than sorry. As you improve your golf swing, you may start to become cocky and take unnecessary risks. If there is a hazard which is just within your maximum range, do not try to over hit it just to get ahead. If there is an obstacle, you should play it short of that or to the left or right of the hazard, as you don’t want to spend the rest of the hole swiping at the ball from the bunker!


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