Tiger Woods Ends His Rule in Golf


Tiger Woods is no longer the King of the golf world. This shamed golfer lost his throne on Sunday in the golfing world. Frustration comes for he suffers a double loss on and off the golf course.

Woods is the only king of golf with more than five years. He had a continuous high record of ruling the world altar for 281 weeks, and throughout his career, he kept the world’s number one spot for 623 weeks. In spite of all this, he has now become one of the world’s second players.

A 37-year-old England player, Lee Westwood, takes his place; becoming the first European golfer who gets the world number one since Nick in 1994.

Although failing to win a career Grand Slam, Westwood is viewed as one of the world’s most stable golfers. He won a PGA Tour victory this year while getting second place in the U.S. Masters and the British Open.

It is hard for Woods to keep his world’s number one place due to a knee injury he suffered which prevented him from participating in the Grand Slam. What’s more, a strange car accident in last Thanksgiving night exposed his double life, and a series of deception scandals came to light. Although Woods left the high altar more than four months after trying to save his marriage, ultimately he lost his wife and children. Since then, the Tiger has been struggling for his golf career.

German player Martin Kemer failed to enter the top two on Sunday at Andalucia Masters, so he should continue to stay in the third position.  Phil Mickelson ranked fourth though he feels good about the U.S. Masters champion. The ranking points for the four players are very close. If  Woods can be on his game, then he might once again return to the world’s first place.

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