Top 3 Rules for the Putting Green

Aside from the standard rules of golf in general, golf putting also has some specific rules of its own that players must abide by while they are on the putting green. This article will give you the three most important rules of golf on the putting green of which golfers need to be aware.

Top 3 Golf Putting Rules:

1) Lifting the Ball – Unlike any other area on the golf course, when you are on the putting green you are entitled to pick your ball up and clean it if you wish, as long as the position of the ball is marked with either a coin or ball marker and replaced in the same spot.

It is important to know that if you accidentally move your ball when marking or replacing it, there is no penalty incurred, you simply have to return the ball to its original spot.

2) The line of Putt – This is the intended line that the player wishes his ball to travel along once he has made the putting stroke and includes a reasonable distance either side of this intended line, but does not extend beyond the hole.

This line of putt cannot be touched unless you are either removing any loose impediments, marking or replacing your ball, repairing old plug holes or ball marks on the putting surface or addressing the ball with your putter. Pressing spike marks down or any other scuffs to improve the surface condition will result in a penalty shot.

3) Testing the Surface – While you are playing the hole, you are not allowed to check the surface of the putting green by rolling the ball, scraping or roughening up the surface or any other form of testing. Once the hole has been completed, you are allowed to have a few practice putts on that putting green, unless the committee has stated otherwise.

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