The Fastest Way to Reduce Your Golf Scores

Putting skills are a unique technology among all of the golfing skills. The famous golf writer – Henry Longhurst – had to push the act described as “black art,” over the years. Many golfers have thought deeply on the putt and have produced many distinctive theories. But, we cannot say which kind of putt technology is the most classic method. In a golf game, the putt scores are half of your total golf score. Due to this, its’ importance is self-evident. You should spend time choosing the right putter for you as well as spending time practicing.

No matter which method you use –  stability and accuracy are the most important of the two technical factors of putt skills. The putt process is divided into four steps:

1. Grip

Putting grip plays a fundamental role in the entire process of the putt. Now, there are many diverse ways to grip when putting, but there is not a standard recognized by all. But most of the emphasis on putting grip is to achieve a comfortable, natural hold. After that, the rest is up to the player’s own adjustment.

2. Stations

Since putt is basically a narrowed full swing, it is not fundamentally different from the other swing techniques. The first step of putt is the stable, consistent and correct aiming of the ball. Good posture stabilization helps to with the putt.

3. Shots

When you swing your putter, your shoulder must keep a right position to the spine to the top axis rotation. The triangle formed by the shoulder and arm to swing back and forth moves, and the spine to the top position remains unchanged.

4. Clubhead speed

Successfully hitting the ball should be preempted by a back swing movement, which forms a long enough arc to increase club head speed and help you control the distance. One of the most common mistakes is to seize the clubs or stop after hitting a ball. Remember to follow the ball and “push” out, rather than “hit” it.


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