Taylormade Golf Clubs Perfect Your Golf

The PGA tournaments are lead by TaylorMade golf clubs by which the advancement of the metal wood technology employed and it is possible for each player to have his own personal club. This metal wood technology gave birth to famous clubs in the form of Pittsburgh Persimmon, Tour Preferred, Burner, & Burner Bubble. With titanium clubheads, TaylorMade golf clubs are strong but very light to use.

TaylorMade R7 fairway woods with TaylorMade Launch Control (TLC) Port. TLC cartridges can be installed & removed to permit users in changing the CG location to vary the degrees of draws & fades that will consequently promote more accuracy & distance. R5 Titanium Fairway is another TaylorMade golf club that has a titanium clubhead that is easy to hit. It’s permanent TLC cartridges facilitate the launching of the ball high, long & straight for the players who would not change cartridges. V Steel Fairway Woods claims to have the ultimate combination of power, accuracy & versatility. It is the TaylorMade R7 CGB Max Fairway Wood that attributes its’ excellence to its V-shaped sole which improves the force of how the sole interacts with the turf at impact.

Rescue Dual is a TaylorMade club that has dual TLC ports that are widely spaced for increased forgiveness on incurring mis-hits. It’s a new T-shaped sole that is responsible for the increased clubhead stability & decreased drag at impact that in turn promotes better accuracy & distance. With its low center of gravity (CG), it is not as hard to launch as a long-iron & this makes shots higher & longer. Rescue Dual TP, with dual TLC port & TaylorMade’s movable weight technology, is best known to promote the variation of degrees of draw & fade. Furthermore, it makes for greater forgiveness. The difference between Rescue Dual & Rescue Dual TP is that TP has a higher center of gravity (CG) position that allows a lower, piercing ball flight that plenty of experienced golf players find not as hard to manipulate. Rescue Mid is said to be TaylorMade’s breakthrough utility club that is engineered not to be as hard to use as a long-iron while displaying prowess in providing better distance. The excellent performance of TaylorMade R7 CGB Max Rescue unites a high flash of inertia with a lower, deeper center of gravity which creates maximum forgiveness on mis-hits, high launch angle & high spin for high, long shots that quickly stop.

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