Enjoy the Sun with Solar Golf Carts

Solar Golf Carts are gradually gaining popularity in the US. Solar panels are used to convert the sun’s energy into electrical power. The car battery is charged through the sun’s heat. Utilizing solar energy is an excellent way to combat the problems of high fuel costs, dependency on fossil fuels and other natural and non-renewable sources of energy and global warming. The range of solar powered vehicles and appliances is increasing day by day. From solar batteries, cookers, parking lot lights, fountains, to solar motorcycles, cars, ships airplanes and even spacecraft! In spite of certain limitations of solar energy, the success of solar technology is incredible.

A solar golf cart has a solar panel installed on its roof. Solar panels have photovoltaic cells in a grid-like pattern made of silicon. This PV solar panel is attached to the battery with cables. Solar golf carts run at a speed of 25 mph and will eliminate carbon dioxide emissions. They are as efficient as electric golf carts. Though a new solar golf cart is a bit expensive, a solar panel can be installed on your existing golf cart. They keep the parks greener, are environment-friendly, and need less maintenance.  They can be used even when the sun’s heat is not enough and during cloudy days.

It is estimated that using solar golf carts will reduce coal usage up to 350 lbs per year and carbon dioxide emission up to 1100 lbs per year. If a solar golf cart is used for ten hours a day, the cost of charging batteries will be reduced up to 30- 35%. With continuous charging, the life of the battery increases. This occurs because of sulfur mixed in the battery which has the tendency of turning into solid form. To avoid this solidification of sulfur, a solar battery should be charged continuously as it gives heating effects to the sulfur. They reduce two-thirds of the energy used in electric golf carts. It extends battery life, driving time and saves electricity. Therefore it is ingenious to use free solar energy instead of spending energy on electricity. One also enjoys a 30% Federal tax credit.

Necessity is the mother of invention. A gasoline crisis during World War II lead Merle Williams of California to use electricity for golf cars. And the limitations of fossil fuels resulted in the innovation of solar golf carts. The Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course in Hong Kong was the first to implement solar energy in golf carts. The concept is gradually gaining. Sebonack Golf Club in Southhampton, NY was the first US golf course to use solar technology in golf carts. They installed solar panels in about 40 golf carts. They have reduced their electricity consumption by 50- 70%. Solar golf carts are not just used in golf parks, but also in zoos, parks, airports, hospitals, security companies, hotels and much more. With the numerous advantages of solar golf carts, riding under the sun should be enjoyable!

Reynold Powers has been in the solar industry for over 15 years. For more information visit his site at Solar golf carts.

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