Rules For Playing Golf


Although the origins of golf are connected with Scotland, historians have deemed that former accounts are noted in history as far back as the Roman Empire. Golf also popped up in numerous other locations, such as Holland. From its filiation, golf was a competition with rigorous clothing – no jersey wholesalers necessary for this burgeoning sport.

The 1st golf club in the world was organized in Scotland – the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, in 1744. The organization prescribed the first set of laws of the game. About ten years later, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club in St. Andrews became the authorized administering organization for golf. Though there are reports of golf near this time in the American colonies, the 1st golf club in North America was founded in Canada in Montreal in 1873. Golf clubs developed in the following years in the USA and the United States Golf Association was soon constructed. The USGA and the Royal and Ancient are now the first-class ruling agencies in the world of golf.


From its first days, golf has been a sport unlike from many others. There is no physical contact in golf, and courtesy and propriety are two of the essential fundamentals of golf. Until the 1940s, golf athletes wore shirts and ties, a nightmare situation for the jersey wholesalers who are such a part of many of today’s sports.

Golf occurs on a course that normally has eighteen holes with groups of between two and four golf players. The laws of golf prescribe that golf athletes can carry no more than fourteen clubs. Today’s rules also detail what type of technology is allowed in golf clubs. The golf holes vary in distance from about one hundred and thirty yards to over 600 yards. Each hole is designated a large number of strokes that represents “par,” or the average acceptable score on that hole. The number of strokes ranges from 3 to 5. The objective of golf is for athletes to get the ball from the tee to the green, and then into the hole, in the fewest total strokes. Many courses have par totals for the round between seventy and seventy-two. A player who beats par on a hole by one stroke gets a “birdie”; while scoring two strokes under par on a hole is called an “eagle” and is uncommon. A player who strikes the tee shot into the hole on a Par 3 hole records an eagle that is referred to as a “hole-in-one.”

The athlete determines a stroke-play match with the lowest total strokes for the eighteen holes. Professional golf tournaments frequently span over four days. In match play golf, a golf athlete plays heads-up against his or her challenger. The golf player who wins the most holes is declared the victor of the game. If there is a tie after eighteen holes, the match carries on until the first athlete wins a hole.

Golf, once named the gentlemen’s game, has much of the flavor of its beginning years. Golf athletes don’t wear ties, but the outfits are more formal, and rules rely on golf athletes penalizing themselves.

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