Putting Tips to Easily Improve Your Golf Score

Everyone likes to hit long drives, but the truth is much of your score is determined by how well you putt. Hitting a great drive and approach shot only to be disappointed by a three-putt is one of the worst feelings in golf. Keep these tips in mind next time you’re out playing a round, and you’ll see noticeable improvements in your score.

First, relax and do not rush your putts. Take your time to survey the green and consider how fast the greens are playing. Also, think about your personal tendencies. If your distance has consistently been long or short, consider making an adjustment. Although it seems like a lot to consider, it is also important to not over-analyze. You don’t want to feel tense going into the putt, but you do want to feel prepared. This takes a little practice to figure out just how much thinking you want to do before each shot, but you should be able to get it down pretty quickly.

Make sure to find a good line and focus on it. Take a couple of practice putts away from the ball to get your swing speed and line down. As you practice, envision the ball going in the hole. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted, as putting is a delicate manner.

When you step up to the ball, hang your arms down comfortably and make sure there is no tension. Your upper body should be leaned over the ball so that you are looking directly down on it which will aid you in executing a straight and smooth backswing. Continue to focus on your line as you pull the club back and swing through the ball just as you had done in your practice swing.

If you make an effort to implement these steps and practice them, you will see improvements in your putting. You will find yourself more comfortable as you step up to your putts and more confident in your ability to sink them while enjoying the benefits of lower scores.

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