Merion Golf Club

The Merion Golf Club is a private club, located in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. The Merion Golf Club is rated at the top of the charts as one of America’s greatest golf courses. The club has two courses. The first is the West Course. The second, more highly rated course, is known as the East Course. In 2009, the Merion Golf Club will be hosting the Walker Cup and in 2013, will host the U.S. open.

The Merion Golf Club can be dated back to 1896. In 1896, members of the Merion Cricket Club decided to open a golf course located in Pennsylvania. The membership then decided to go ahead and build a course which is known as Merion East. The designer of this course was Hugh Wilson, a 32-year-old member of the club. Its original date of opening was in September of 1912. The original course also closed that day. Wilson also designed the West course which opened in May of 1914.

Merion East and Merion West were both designed after British courses. The reason behind this is that Hugh Wilson had never created a course before. Wilson took a seven-month trip down to England and Scotland to study the British style courses. Many distinctive areas of Merion East are made from great British Courses. Merion East bunkers, which are known as “the white faces of Merion,” are just one of the many features Wilson displays.

The layout of this course is very different. The golf course that Wilson designed only covers around 126 acres of land. This is a tiny area of land on which to develop a golf course, which makes this course unique in its own way. According to Golf Digest, The Merion Golf Club is ranked seventh out of one hundred of America’s greatest golf courses. Many pro golfers have made their marks on these two courses.

Merion Golf Club has held many pro tournaments. It has held seventeen United States Golf Association championship tournaments, more than any other golf course in the world. The first two ever U.S. Women’s Amateur Championships were held at the Haverford course in 1904 and 1909. At the East course, the first USGA tournament took place in 1916.

The sculpted green, the treacherous bunkers, and the vicious fairways have shaped the game of golf to what we know it as today. The Merion Golf Club has left its mark on the golfing world. From the legends that play here to the beginners that are just starting off, this course can be a learning experience for all. This course will be challenging players from all over the world for years to come.

The Merion Golf Club is one of the oldest remaining clubs out there today. Its history and challenging courses is a thrill for all those who play on it.

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