3 Easy Steps for a Lower Golf Score

Golf, golf, golf! What a great game, am I right? Out on the green, 18 holes with the sun shining down. Nothing can beat that! There’s nothing more relaxing than a day out on the course.

Well, some of us out there would love to improve our golf game, lower our golf score, have a more consistent swing and stop improper slicing and lower the handicap. I’m going to show you three simple steps to get you on the right path to doing just that.

Step #1. One of the most important aspects to follow in a consistent golf swing and to lower a golf score is your fitness. I know a lot of you out there think that golf is a lazy sport and you can go from just sitting on the couch to driving 250+ yards naturally – this is very far from the truth. For example, Tiger Wood’s swing power comes from his tremendous flexibility and core strength.

Most professional’s workout at the gym when they are not out playing on the course or practicing at the driving range. You do not have to go all out, but simple weight lifting for power and a lot of flexibility training can significantly help to increase your drive power in your overall golf game and lower your golf score.

Some of the best golfers in the world do Pilates because it primarily focuses on general core training and flexibility exercises, which will help tremendously.

Step #2. Practice with the longest distance golf balls! CNN’s golf teams have tested more than 50 of the best golf balls in play today, and an amateur golfer was able to hit one that traveled 260 yards. “For an amateur that is very impressive!”

Stop settling for those cheap golf balls and trying to save some pennies. You get what you pay for nowadays. To be able to get the most out of your swing, you need to be using the type of equipment that is going to help you achieve this. You could be adding 10+ yards to your game just by spending the extra buck and getting top-grade golf balls.

Step #3. Now here is a tip that primarily focuses on your swing itself. During the backswing, don’t pivot your wrist too late or this will cause you not to hit the ball solidly. Your posture plays a huge role in the swing as well. You want to make sure you are not swinging the club too far and keeping everything aligned and straight as this will contribute towards¬†a perfect golf swing and possibly a lower score.

Follow these tips to start with, and I promise you, you will have a more accurate and consistent all-around golf game next time you hit the course. For more free information and videos on improving your golf swing or just all around game visit http://www.golfswingingreviews.weebly.com/

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