I Taught My Grandson to Play Golf

I am a surgeon, and I am 65 years old. From the retirement age of 60 that year I started to learn golf and I bought a set of callaway golf clubs. These years from this elegant and civilized golf sport I had a productive session. As a surgeon, a busy life in the wards and the operating table, there is no time for outdoor exercise.

Just retired, the body although not ill, but not healthy, overweight, physical activities, clumsy, slow pace. Now, my body is very healthy and flexible, the driving range to practice, swing thousands of continuous struggle, sweat, but that does not feel tired the next day; when the end to participate in the race, the 18 holes to use more than 4 hours, walking on the lawn vigorous 5 to 6 km, enough, want to resort to 9 holes. Now my energy, anti-employed retirement often work in the surgical operating table, golf, sunshine, green grass, oxygen bar, so I concentrated on the operating table mental fatigue gone hand about health is wealth.

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Two years ago, my little grandson 4 years old, I bought him a children’s golf clubs, golf course, fate brought him to train him to accept the golf culture of early education. We must train children to play golf. By learning golf etiquette and rules, grandson learn manners, respect for others, be courteous to others, public places does not make much noise, do not casually discarded rubbish, broke the turf pitch, perceived the formation of a good lawn, caring for public property. The size of golf as table tennis, swing the club to his head, head to accurately hit the little white ball, the high technical standards, grandson beginner is very difficult, but two years of hard swing training to develop his perseverance, have the patience to work personality, is now playing a handy to swing; practice putt on the greens, so he understood the matter what you do have to have goals, to overcome the blindness.

After my grandson and I accepted golf culture, I feel love the medical profession, the life-long career. My little grandson came to realize that the golf can be an early culture, the first learned man. I hope he will grow up into high society, and his wide to pass the same name and “Global” has become useful to his country talent.

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