How To Improve Your Golf Swing

A consistent golf swing is the aim of every player that plays the game of golf. There are many aspects of a sound golf swing, but four of the most important are: shoulder turn, take away, balance and grip. There are several exercises to improve your swing that you can use to help you develop these particular aspects.

Proper Posture

A good posture sets the tone for a free flowing, unobstructed and uncomplicated swing. Good posture allows you to make a smooth swing and it also protects your back. You should focus on maintaining proper posture until the end of your swing

Taking the Club away from the Ball

The backswing is the start of any golf swing, so proper mechanics during this stage are necessary. For the club head to remain square on impact, you need to take the club away on a straight line.

Making a Proper Shoulder Turn

After you have mastered the motion of taking the club back on a straight line, the next step is to make a proper shoulder turn. The best way to practice the correct range of motion is to use a glove under your armpit to force you to make the right movements. The aim is to keep the glove in place through the complete backswing. This will force you to hold your elbow tight while making a good shoulder turn. Chapchai Nirats golf swing is the result of a proper shoulder turn.

Swing in Golf

It’s imperative to know the role of good swing in golf. Timing is the key to a great swing. The most important part in the timing of a swing action is its’ set up because if the swing is off, the golf ball could fall too short or go too far.

Executing a good backswing is the key to hitting the ball on its’ target even though a ball cannot be hit by a backswing. Golfers with great swing always stress¬†tremendous importance on a good backswing All the motions are connected to each other, so it can be hard to practice any one.
Focusing and practicing on the main aspects will improve your golf swing as per golf instruction.

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