Grip a Club the Right Way to Improve Your Golf Swing

After watching the golf channel all winter, it’s finally time for you to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Your clubs are in the corner of the basement; so you grab them and give them the once over. Other than needing a quick clean up and a replaced grip or two, they are in tip top shape and are ready to go. Now if only you could say the same thing about your shoes. They seem to have played their last game before the winter snows set in!

So the first order of business is to get a new pair of golf shoes. You’ve tried playing golf in your running shoes before. While it’s possible to play perfectly well in tennis shoes, it’s not nearly as much fun as really planting your feet and whacking the heck out of the ball. So after talking to your friends and doing your online research, you head on down to the Pro Shop and purchase your new shoes. These will probably take a season to break in properly, but you’re willing to suffer for the cause!

So, all suited up and ready to play, you head to the course to enjoy a beautiful morning golfing. Remembering that a good golf swing needs to have good balance and a smooth tempo you stand quietly contemplating the first hole of the season. Standing, relaxed and comfortable, you grip your club, size up the ball, consider the breeze, take a deep breath, and s – w – i – n – g! Up and away that little ball sails. As you marvel at the magnificent shot that you just made, you proclaim your new shoes, “keepers.”

As you make your trek to the second hole, the sun just peaks over the undulating hills of the immaculately groomed golf course. You look around, and you are one of the first golfers to brave the cool, spring morning. There is still dew on the tips of the grass, and the air is clear and clean. You think to yourself that this must actually be heaven!

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