Golf Club Grips

One of the most important aspects of your golf swing is your grip. Your grip is responsible for the position of the club head at the point of impact with the ball. The point at which the club hits the ball will determine the ball’s flight path. This is why it is crucial¬†that you understand how to grip a golf club properly and how to adjust your grip in response to your ball flight.

It is, however, important to note that there are a variety of different grip styles you can use such as:

Interlocking grip: Where your pinky on your right hand hooks with your index finger on your left hand.

Overlapping grip: Where your pinky on your right hand rests on the outside of your left hand in between your index and middle finger.

Baseball Grip: Where you hold the club similar to the way you hold a baseball bat, gripping the club with all ten fingers.

The most important factor when choosing a grip style is the comfort. Whichever grip feels the most comfortable to you is key as all will have the same effect on ball flight.

How to Grip A Golf Club Instructions

*Note that the instructions are given based on right-handed golfers. If you are left handed, just flip-flop your hands.

1.) Start by holding the club with your right hand where the grip meets the shaft.

2.) Take your left hand (palm up) and place the top of the grip in your hand, the grip should go across the bottom of your fingers. Placed slightly diagonally from the base of your forefinger to the bottom pad of your pinky.

3.) Then wrap your left hand around the club, laying your thumb on the top of the club pointing downward.

4.) Next, take your right hand (palm up) and place the club in your fingers directly below your left hand.

5.) Fold your right hand over the thumb of your left hand, where your right thumb also points downward.

6.) Making sure you are holding the club grip in your fingers more so than your palm will allow you to get maximum speed in your swing.

How To Grip A Golf Club Quick Tips

– If you tend to slice the ball or curve it to the right, you want to make your grip stronger by shifting your hands slightly to the right.

– If your ball hooks or curves to the left, you want to make your grip weaker, by slightly shifting your hands to the left.

*Remember the direction of your ball flight always starts with your grip!

For a complete and more detailed golf grip guide, I recommend you check out Proper Golf Grip at to improve your golf game. Aside from that, you will also find many other golf tips and strategies to help you improve your overall golf game and lower your round score.

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