How Golf Fitness Training Can Lower Your Score

It is very rare that any top sportsman does not rely in some degree on his level of fitness. When Nick Faldo completely altered his approach to the game in the early eighties, a major factor in his rise to be number one golfer in the world was the fitness regime that complimented his obvious talent. Tiger Woods has no problem admitting that he would not be as successful as he is without the golf fitness schedule he adheres to.

There may be a great deal of factors that require improvement in your golf game, some are technical, and some are mental. One thing that all these elements will have in common is that they are all related in some way to golf fitness. Technical issues could be down to your conditioning, and the mental aspect could simply be that we do not function well when under extreme exertion.

So without doubt golf fitness is an element that must be worked on and developed according. But what are the key issues? How can we isolate and act to improve these faults?

With the variety of positions the body is forced to undertake whilst playing golf, the lack of a certain amount of flexibility can be a severe hindrance. A simple stretching exercise can improve your natural fluidity but a golf swing pushes the body to its limits. Everybody has a different body shape; different regimes are required for the each individual. But the fact remains that a golf specific stretching program will see a welcomed improvement in vital areas of a golfer’s game.

Everyone could use a little extra body strength; it is always handy to know you have the power to perform certain shots. However you may have arms like Mr Universe but if your body has areas of fragility you will not be hitting the ball as far as you should. An all round body workout is required to build on those weak points and give your body an all round purpose.

“No matter how strong your body may be, it means little if your core strength is deficient.”

This is the key area to generating power through the swing. Exercises targeting this area are without peer.

One must address certain issues to utilize your body’s core strength. Power equals speed and speed and strength are the recipe for long drives. Short energetic exercises are ideal for golf fitness in this area.

Less is sometimes more. When on the range, take your time. Hitting a rapid succession of technically incorrect drives isn’t going to help your game. Relax, take your time to allow a natural swing to develop in between small breaks.

These are key elements in golf fitness and in addressing them you will undoubtedly see a steady improvement. If you are able to marry these with other forms of less direct training, then success will not be far away.

Fitness levels are slowly becoming more important to everyday golfers. With the right application and planning golf fitness can and will improve your body, your game and your score.

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