Let a Golf GPS Device Determine Your Club

Using golf GPS units can be an excellent way to improve the pace and quality of your game. Some people compare playing with golf GPS units to playing with your own personal caddie. In the game of golf, accurate distance information is vital, and using a GPS device is the most efficient way to get the precise information you need. It can cut strokes from your game, improve speed play, and help you to play with greater confidence.

GPS for golf is about more than knowing distances. Depending on the model used, some will offer an overview map of each hole, which allows you to preview possible trouble spots that you otherwise might only have known about after playing the hole and having found them the hard way. Knowing this information gives you the ability to decide on your strategy before you tee off. Some golf GPS units even include satellite imagery of each hole. So, along with providing accurate distances, quality GPS devices can help you with strategy and course management.

Regarding course management, using GPS can help you to understand distances as well as targets and hazards for each hole. This will not only assist you on the tee box but will be beneficial in every lie you reach on the course. This is especially true in the cases of blind holes and lies. On many courses, you can only see a portion of the hole from the tee box. A good golf GPS unit will give you an entire overview of the hole before you tee off. If you end up in the rough, the situation is made more difficult by the inability to accurately calculate distances. Using a golf GPS unit saves you from taking the time to find yardage markers and then trying to guess your yardage from the rough. This not only improves your play but saves time in the process.

Perhaps where the use of golf GPS units is most beneficial is in your approach shots. As you close in on the green, most GPS devices can give you valuable information, including the distance to the front, center, and back of the green. In addition to providing accurate distances to the pin and the green, golf GPS units show you the distance to, and over, potential bunkers and water hazards as you approach the green, which can undoubtedly reduce strokes from your game.

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