How to Repair A Golf Cart

It is a great fortune to own a Golf cart. But those who can’t afford to buy a new one, usually settle with second-hand sale carts. Many of the carts that are out for resale may not be in good condition. Hence necessary repairs have to be done on the cart to make it worth riding. Here are some quick tips that you have to keep in mind while you are repairing your Golf cart. Even though repairing a cart is tiresome work, these tips will help you in avoiding much of the additional headaches.

The first task to be done before starting to repair is to identify any faults with the cart. Check the outside parts, controls, and accessories for any damage. Some of the problems may be exterior. But without knowing it, if we don’t check out the inner parts like the engine, transmission, etc. a lot of money can be wasted in the process of finding the actual problem. So, first of all, check the exterior of the cart for any loose bolts or nuts and the oil level.

If the fault is due to any inner system components, make sure you have all the necessary equipment for conducting the repair. It can include the engine, transmission, gear box, etc. With all the necessary equipment handy, you can save a lot of time and energy. Leaving the work in the middle and going to search for tools is often a bad idea.

Take utmost care while removing the nuts and bolts from the various parts of the cart. It is quite usual to lose them. The reason is that we don’t place them in a secure location after removing them. So to avoid the mess, put the screws and nuts in a safe and handy place. Placing them on the ground is the most common method by which they get lost. Also, try to put the screws and nuts of a single part together. This way they won’t get mixed up with the nuts and bolts of other parts.

Always start working with a calm and relaxed mind or else things could get even worse. After re-fixing the cart, check whether there are any leftover parts from the cart. This will notify you that you missed a step while fixing the cart.

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