Golf Swing Tips – Learn the Basics

All golf swing tips start with an established swing. You have a backswing, downswing and follow through. Learning how to put all three of these elements together to form a fluid swing is where the challenge comes into play. Let’s look at the basics and how you can produce a smooth, consistent golf swing.

It’s important to note that all golf swings are different. What works for me may not for you, but the basics will work for everyone.

It is all about fundamentals. Master the basics, and you’ll become a good golfer. The golf swing is arguably the most important one of all.

When you address your ball, it’s important that you relax first. If you try to hit the ball while you’re tense, your ball can go just about anywhere other than its’ intended target.

Relax and visualize in your mind where you want the golf ball to land. At the same time, get a good firm grip on the club, but don’t muscle up on it like you’re trying to strangle it.

Begin your backswing with a smooth one piece takeaway. Bring the club all the way back until your hands are parallel with the top of your ear.

At the start of your backswing, you want to lead with your hips. Why do you do that? Your hips are where you’re going to generate the power to drive the ball.

As your hips lead, your arms will follow and bring the club into the golf ball. You’ll finish with a high follow through. The important thing to remember is that you want a fluid motion through the entire process.

Here are some other golf swing tips to remember:

1. Keep the left elbow straight during the backswing.

2. Never lead with your arms or shoulder during the downswing. Always lead with the hips.

3. Your feet must stay balanced. If not, then you’re trying to swing too hard.

4. After follow-through, you should notice that your right arm is even with your left shoulder.

5. Keep your head down and don’t look up until the motion of your follow through is complete.

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