How to Perfect Your Golf Swing Sequence

Mastering the golf swing sequence is critical to becoming a better player. Playing 20 times a week will never make up for having a weak swing; in reality, the more you practice the wrong way, the more ingrained that will become in your head, and the harder it will be to change.

For this reason, knowing the elements from backswing to follow-through is crucial. While watching a PGA Tour event on TV might make you think the swing is simple, this isn’t the case. It is much more complicated than you might think.

I’m not saying you need to have fifty million thoughts running through your head at address because you most definitely should not. The way to improve is to keep your thoughts at bay, and only focus on one thing at a time until you’ve mastered that. Only then should you go on to the next thing.

The Three Keys to the Swing

Despite what many people say, it will not require tons of time to become a solid player. When you master the golf swing sequence, you can improve with minimal practice at all. There are 3 parts you need to focus on: the backswing, downswing and the follow-through. Each one needs to be executed correctly.

The Takeaway

Let’s start with the takeaway or the backswing. This component needs to be done smoothly and without any herky-jerky movements. Initially, set up to the ball with a reasonably firm grip but don’t hold the club too tightly or it will just cause tension, which will rob you of power and accuracy.

Try to make as big of a shoulder turn as possible while not rotating the hips; this will build a lot of resistance which translates to distance and helps to get the upper body muscles involved which are critical for hitting the ball a long way.

The downswing

For the downswing, you will want to keep the wrists locked until the last second before impact, as releasing them too early causes a loss of power and distance and often results in a hook or slice.

The follow through

Finally, make sure you extend through the ball and finish with your right shoulder aimed at the target, which shows you’ve done a full follow through. The full swing should be as smooth and fluid as possible and try to cut down on the jerky movements as much as possible.

There is a lot more to the golf swing sequence, but these are the basics everybody needs to master before they can move on to the more complex elements.

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