Five Top Slicing Golf Tips for Lower Scores

Finding a golf swing cure can be done when you make the decision to get help and stop slicing for good. I sliced for years, and it wasn’t until I swallowed my pride and finally got help that I finally stopped slicing.

You know studies have suggested that about 80% of golfers suffer from a slice. Having fixed my slice, I know there is absolutely no reason why it should be that high. I am here to tell you that you can fix your slice, you just have to take the first step. How great would it be to finally beat your friends on your next round or stop losing golf balls regularly?

Here are five tips that I learned that will help you once you incorporate them into your practice routine.

1. Review your golf grip. Once you settle on a golf grip that is comfortable, you want to concentrate on the position of your hands and the pressure applied to the club when you swing. Make sure you can see at least two knuckles on the trailing hand and furthermore, loosen the grip of the club.

2. Weight shift and distribution. Start with an even weight distribution and then as you initiate the backswing, your weight should be a 75 to 25 ratio on the trailing foot. As the downswing starts, the weight should transfer onto the front or lead foot.

3. Aiming your shots. When aiming your shots, pick a target that is about 150 to 200 yards out, but is in line with the hole. Use this closer target to help you line up your shots.

4. Your posture and head movement. Some beginner golfers have a lifting motion either in their backswing or with their head just before impact that causes them to top the ball continuously. When perfecting your swing, think of the spine as an axis and coil your upper body during the backswing.

5. Golf Swing Speed. If you want to cut down on slicing, here are two tips that will help. Taking the club back slow and steady is the first, and the second¬†is to practice hitting at the range at 50 to 75% your normal swing speed. Don’t worry about how far the ball goes, but rather practice hitting the ball straight.

Finally, imagine for a second that you have just had a round 10 strokes under what you normally score and imagine a day with no penalty strokes and you winning the match. Seriously, this can be a reality if you just take the chance and get help with your swing today.

What if I told you that you could break 80 in just 60 days from right now? Would you believe me? I’m assuming most likely not. So don’t take my word for it. Listen to the 19,000 golfers in more than 36 countries who have found the system that fixed their swing problems.

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