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Many people think that the game of golf has a lot to do with gathering enough flashy techniques and difficult positions to help players to improve their game. That is so not true. A golfer becomes successful simply because of his consistent and faithful knowledge of the basics. This article will focus on golf swing basics, so if you want to improve your swing, then read on.

The Mental Preparation

It all begins at teeing off. When you analyze yourself, you’ll find out that most of the time you’re setting yourself up for a mistake. You think of all these negative thoughts and especially of how embarrassed you’ll feel if you don’t get it right. Don’t do it. Strip these ideas away, and you’ll feel better. You can easily focus on the task of executing a good swing if you relax and try to think positively.

The Grip

Always pay attention on how you’re gripping the club handle. Never hold it too tight or else you’ll end up hooking the shot. Don’t hold it too lightly either, since this most likely leads to slicing the ball. Take a balanced approach and just have a stable and even grip. This happens to be one of the top-most tips of golf swing basics.

The Backswing

It’s imperative that your backswing is not too light. It also should not be too quick. If you’re too light, the downswing won’t have enough momentum. If you’re too fast, then you’ll end up contorting your body, making it more uncomfortable for you. Remember to always swing backward in one full motion using your arms, never with your hands and wrists.

The Downswing

The downswing is where energy for the club happens. Creating the kind of club momentum that you want towards the ball is essential to a good golf swing. If you’re too easy on the downswing, then you’re not going to hit the ball a very long distance. A faster downswing of 25% speed acceleration than the backswing is a recommended average.

Proper Alignment

Another important tip for golf swing basics is the correct alignment of the body. For example: if you’re left handed (during a backswing motion), your right shoulder should be aligned properly to your hips as you begin to transfer your weight to the left slightly. Your hands should just be about as high as your waist (or maybe more than a fraction).


Practice is where it’s at, but remember, practicing golf should never be a backbreaking task. Rather, it should be more relaxing as you try to find postures and methods that are the most comfortable for you. Along with the correct basic techniques, your body will begin to adapt to the fundamentals of executing a proper golf swing.

So that concludes this article. As a parting tip on golf swing basics, improving your game will mean that you’ll need to have patience, discipline, preparation, and self-control. A significant amount of comfortably focused willingness is the key to mastering the basics of golf to enjoy the game.

Susan is a golfing enthusiast. For more great tips and advice on golf swing basics, visit GolfSwingPhysics.

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