Golf Shots That Score

To become the well-rounded golfer, one could find dozens of different shots. As Bill Hogan described, there isn’t enough time in the day to train for most of the shots you need. But if you can strike the shots which generate great ratings, and there are several, this will be what you really need to know.

To really play well, become great at getting the ball throughout the fairway off the tee, getting the ball in close proximity by off the green, and getting tactic putts in close proximity. Let’s review each of these shots.

If you get hold of your ball in the fairway, you’re ahead of the game. You’ve taken the biggest step of getting the ball onto the green with the least number of shots.

The pros generate their rating on their short performance and putting, but that is because they’re previously getting the ball on the green with the fewest number of shots achievable.

Focus your awareness on training to hit your driver straight. If you can’t take action, and chances are you can’t, simply because it is a real tough club to strike, get enrolled in some golfing lessons. Don’t worry about your golf irons. If you can hit your driver directly, your irons will go directly, too.

If you’re getting the ball within the fairway and on the green, you’re on to putting. How exciting. It may be any 30- or even 40-footer. To produce single shots which land you on the green pays off.

There’s any three-foot group you can draw inside your mind’s attention around the glass. Get the ball within that elliptical and you’re eighteen in or even less by the two-putt green. Good putters aren’t the ones whom prepare tons of six- and seven-foot putts. They’re putters who never lose their discipline in the putt.

The rest? Well, you don’t often strike the green. If you miss that by too much, you have an extended chip that you can just get upwards and down consistently with lots of practice and enjoying practical knowledge. But at the time you’re close, when you miss by merely a few yards, those are the shots which you can get up and down finally half the time. Train those short strokes and get great at them. For the longer ones, just get them on the green so you can start putting.

There are three credit scoring shots: the tee shot, the method golf putt, and the short strokes. Know to hit single shots, and your golfing friends may wonder how you managed to become so competent all of a sudden.


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