Golf Rules for Clubs Usage

There are a lot of golf rules at the driving ranges. Different games have different rules and all golfers should observe these rules because they have been around for a long time. Today, I will introduce the basic rules of golf clubs and explain how to use golf clubs on the course.

First of all, we have to clear that a club is a tool used to play; golf clubs are divided into three types. According to its’ shape and intended use, it is divided into woods, irons, and putters. Which putter is the club face angle does not exceed 10 degrees mainly designed for the club on the putting green.

Second, club shaft and club head must be included. All parts of the iron must be fixed, so that it is a complete whole, unless there are special requirements.

Then, in addition to the weight, woods and irons shall not be designed to be regulatory; the putter is designed to grams of weight that can be adjusted. But some provisions can be adjusted, but not violated.

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1. The adjustment cannot be easily carried out;

2. All adjustable parts are firmly fixed and cannot be loose in the process;

3. Adjust the structure to meet all the rules;

4. The total length of the club must be at least 18 inches, in addition to putting away, and no more than 48 inches.

These are the rules for golf clubs usage, which can be considered the hard and fast rules. There are many details for the specific use of golf clubs. For beginners, we start from the basic understanding that to accurately use the club, safety first is key.

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