Use Psychology to Quiet Your Putting Demons

Golf Psychology: Quiet Your Putting Demons And Win Under Pressure

The right golf psychology is critical to winning under pressure. Golf writer Peter Dobereiner’s saying “Half of golf is fun; the other half is putting” cannot be truer. That’s because, for most golfers, the higher the stakes, the more difficult the short putt. It’s simple to make a short putt when the outcome doesn’t mean anything, but that exact putt is tougher when it’s worth even just one dollar. It’s even tougher when the stakes are high at match point.

The reason most golfers miss their putts is that they put pressure on themselves. They don’t have the mental golf psychology it takes to play consistently. The truth is, nobody performs well under pressure. Great golfers are not people who perform well under pressure. Great golfers are people who create a mental environment in which they do not feel overwhelming pressure.

Here is a great golf psychology tip that works to remove putting pressure. This golf mental training tip is much easier than you might think. Firstly, you stop thinking about your putt and whether you will make it. What should you be thinking about to win under pressure?

You think about a Right Focus. A Right Focus is a simple goal that is within your control. You cannot control the putting, but you can control the line and the speed you hit. There is a famous story about Jack Nicklaus’ reaction to a missed putt. After he had missed a short putt, a fan said, “Sorry you missed that one, Jack.” Jack replied, “I didn’t miss the putt. It just didn’t go in.” Jack hit the line and speed he desired (in his control), and didn’t think about the putt going in (not in his control).

In putting, here’s a splendid Right Focus that will quiet your putting demons. I call it “Bullseye.” You know what a Bullseye is – it’s the red spot on an archery target. In golf, to get your putting Bullseye, start with your regular routine, including crouching behind your ball to pick the line.

The first step is to find your exact target when you are standing over your ball in your putting stance. Decide on a Bullseye (target) at the end of your line that you want your ball to hit. It may be a piece of sand, a blade of grass, or the edge of the cup. Even if there is no break, it could be a bit of grass in the middle of the back or front of the cup. Make sure your Bullseye is EXACT.

Once you locate your Bullseye,  focus your eyes quietly on the Bullseye for a moment. Next, bring your eyes directly back to the back of your ball where your putter makes contact. Keep your eyes on your ball for a moment. Then, swing your putter, making sure you keep your eyes on the ball the entire time you swing.

Putting is an aiming skill, and the Bullseye Right Focus works wonders for this. You set your aiming command correctly by training your eyes on a Bullseye for one second. You also relax. Instead of applying pressure on yourself, you’ve given yourself the mental golf psychology of a great Right Focus that works.

Having the right mental golf training means knowing what to pay attention to on the golf course. Your golf psychology can mean the difference between winning and losing under pressure. In fact, an excellent golf psychology is a mindset anyone can learn with a bit of practice.

Most golfers are crippling their psychology of golf — and their mental toughness — without even knowing it.

Here’s why: because the golf psychology they are using is incomplete…and if you don’t know about the missing pieces hoarded by superstar athletes, you will not win under pressure no matter how hard you try.

My name is Lisa Lane Brown and I am discovering these missing pieces.

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