Golf Iron Tips – How to Improve Your Play

Knowing about irons is a must when it comes to the game of golf. Selecting the correct iron will go a long way towards getting the most out of your game. With there being so many different choices to use, it is little wonder that a beginner needs to know their options. This can also be a refresher for pro golfers as well.

Why Should I Know About These Tips

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, you need to know the correct iron to use at any particular point in the game. Here are some golf iron tips of which you should be aware.

Using the following golf iron tips can dramatically improve your game.
Selecting the proper iron can make the difference in how you play a round of golf.
Knowing which type of iron to select for either fairway or rough can mean the difference between success and failure.

How Do I Select The Proper Iron For Me?

There are many different irons for putting, striking and digging. Dependent upon the fairway and the conditions, there are different criteria involved in selecting the proper iron for you. Here are some golf iron tips for you to consider.

When selecting an iron for play, consider that you will not hit everything perfect.
Take the club further back in the stance and swing slower.
Remember to use full shoulder turns which will improve your iron’s accuracy.

Also, you need to be able to choose the correct driver in order to improve your accuracy.

How Do I Choose A Driver?

Another of the golf iron tips that needs to be discussed is selecting a driver. It is just as important as technique in using the iron correctly.

You need a driver with enough rise for your swing speed.
For low swing speeds, you need a high driver launch of -13 degrees or more. Swing shallowly when using a driver

All this and much more will help you to choose the correct driver for your needs.

What Type Of Iron Should I Use?

The next one of the golf irons tips revolves around the particular iron that you choose for fairway play. One trick, especially if you are an amateur golfer, is to just use one iron.

#5 and #7 are the two most employed in the amateur ranks and are a medium range. If you are a pro, then you have several choices to choose from such as Callaway X-Tour, Nike Ignite, #3 and #4 iron from Titleist 735.
There are also other irons such as a chipper and wedge to consider in your bag.

Any Techniques I May Need To Know?

Here is the last of our golf iron tips for this article. Technique is always the most important of the golf iron tips to know besides the selection of your irons.

* Swing all clubs the same way, no matter what they are.
* Swing under and down
* Keep the swing flat

These habits will help you to not only get excellent results in your swing but will also improve your accuracy as far as shots are concerned. These tips will enhance your golf game dramatically, and the results will be seen in your score card as you play.

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