Fitness Training to Lower Your Golf Score

It doesn’t matter what your handicap is. Maybe you’re a scratch golfer, or perhaps you have yet to break 100. Either way, you can always improve on your game. There are many ways to do this, and it often seems like all of them are expensive!

The most common approach amateur golfers take to improving their game is taking lessons. Lessons can sharpen up your game, but they can also destroy your game. Many a golfer has left an expensive lesson having lost his ability even to swing a club.

Golfers also look to new balls or clubs, shoes or gloves, or high-tech contraptions to shave off a few strokes, but although they may work for the first round, they rarely fix the problem.

One problem that most golfers do have is a lack of fitness – and luckily, this is one that can be fixed easily. People forget that golf is more than a pastime, and that is a sport that takes strength and lots and lots of practice. You can’t go out on the course and expect to play well every time if you never, ever practice!

Golf fitness training is one way to start dropping strokes. There are several schools of thought when it comes to golf fitness training and most of them revolve around weight training. Some trainers believe that a fast swing speed is due to muscle mass, while others insist it is momentum, timing, and flexibility. But, in most cases, it is a combination of both. You need to be strong to swing the club and to resist injury, but you still need to maintain a sufficient level of flexibility to swing the club. Without both, your swing speed will suffer.

Golf fitness training, which employs exercises specifically designed for golfers, is one way to become the player you always thought you could be.

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