The Basics of the Golf Club Grip

a) The grip is the golfer’s only contact with the club. The grip is in direct tactile contact with the golf club, which in turn affects the muscle tension. The muscle tension is an important part of any club fitting session. The function of the style and type of the grip is to provide the golfer with a pleasant feel when holding on to the club, which will result in the golfer using the least amount of grip pressure to secure the club during the swing. The lighter the golfer’s grip pressure, the higher their swing speed, resulting in much more free movement and release of the club during the swing. The grips need to allow the golfer to control the club without excessively tightening the hand. When you overly tighten your hands, you develop alligator arms, and your swing becomes short and cramped.
b) Fitting the Golfer to the Best Grip Size: The recommended grip size is based on the golfer’s actual hand size. A good rule of thumb is the size of glove:

Size of Glove = Size of Grip
Small/Small Cadet Undersize
ML/Cadet ML Regular
Large/Cadet Large Midsize
XL/Cadet XL Oversize

However, this chart is just a recommendation and will not tell you whether this grip is going feel good to that particular golfer and reduce the pressure to hold on the club. That is something you can only confirm with actual use. Try examples of different grip sizes mounted on shafts to obtain a more realistic feel for the grip size.

c) Grips tend to oxidize, harden, get slick and lose their tackiness and traction over time. We suggest that you replace your golf grips often, about every six months.
The need for increased shot control and shot shaping, which blade design encourages, becomes the more important technology for a good wedge design and good golf club wedges.
The object of the golf game is to hit the ball straighter and further, so golf club sets intended to do that are called GAME IMPROVEMENT golf clubs.

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