Take Care of the Most Important Piece of Equipment

If you discovered that you could invest one hour per month and see a noticeable improvement in your golf game, would you do it? One hour per month to ensure your most important piece of golfing equipment is functioning properly? Seems like a no-brainer, yet few golfers take advantage of the competitive edge gained from regular chiropractic care.

Golf is a stressful sport. The elusive “proper swing” is a thing of beauty. Head down, feet planted firmly, knees soft. As one shoulder comes forward, the arms go back, with the club serving as an extension of the golfer’s arm. The head of the club points toward the sky in praise of the sunny day. The hips are held in place while the upper torso coils, a loaded spring, eager to burst into action.

And then the release. Powerful and smooth, the club squarely meets the ball, and the ball arcs into the air, landing within inches of the golfer’s target. Oh, the glory.

Even that perfect swing puts an inordinate amount of stress on your spine. Picture what’s happening beneath your skin when you’ve got a proper stance. Your torso is bent forward slightly, which strains the muscles of your lower back. With your head down (whatever you do, keep your eye on the ball!), your upper back muscles feel the effects, too, especially after 18 holes. These effects are exacerbated when your stance is slightly less than perfect.

And that’s just during your ball address. When you torque your body to swing, you leave every vertebra vulnerable to injury. And we still haven’t factored in the stress of bending to find your ball in the rough, or the strain of throwing your clubs in frustration.

Lower back pain can keep you stuck inside The beautiful thing about golf is that you can keep playing long into your golden years, but only if you take care of your body. Imagine the horror of having to spend your weekends at home. In his book Play Golf Forever, Dr. Michael Jaffe says:

“The most common cause of LBP (lower back pain) in amateur golfers is poor stroke mechanics. The most common cause of LBP in professional golfers is overuse and fatigue. If you golf a lot and you have poor mechanics, you obviously increase your risk. And if you’re not in shape, you really increase your risk.”

Regular chiropractic adjustments are a fantastic first step toward keeping your body in shape, whether you’re suffering from back pain or not. Yes, a chiropractor can get you through the acute stage of trauma. We’re superb at that. But we can also help prevent pain from recurring by ensuring that your spine is in proper alignment at all times. Think of it as preventative maintenance.

You may see unexpected benefits, as well. As the nerves in your spine are decompressed, and energy flows more freely throughout your nervous system, you may find that your grip has improved. You may also get relief from allergies as your immune system begins to function properly after decades of sniffling and sneezing.

So think about that one-hour investment in your game and your health. Call your local chiropractor today.

Dr. Eric Murphy is a Round Rock Texas chiropractor, serving the Austin area. With nine years of post-secondary education and numerous certifications in healthcare and nutrition, Dr. Murphy helps patients past acute pain and then guides them into a life of wellness. http://www.dreric4u.com

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