Golf Score Wisdom

If you are a weekend golfer, there is no doubt you are always trying to find ways to cut strokes from your golf score. Here are five tips to keep in mind that will help you improve your game.

Tip 1: Perfect practice makes perfect.

Notice I did not say practice makes perfect? I said perfect practice makes perfect. If you have flaws in your swing when you are practicing, this is going to carry over to your game.  The idea of practice is to work on correcting those flaws. Once you are consistently hitting the ball the way you want, your score will naturally improve.

Tip 2: Your grip is paramount.

There is a tendency with golfers to grip the club harder when they become frustrated after hitting a bad shot. This action, in turn, causes the ball to start flying in all directions. The more frustrated you get, the harder you grip the club, and then things just get worse. The proper golf swing begins with a good grip. One that is comfortable to you but is also relaxed and consistent.

Tip 3: Proper balance is a must.

Golf is all about balance. If you ever take golf lessons, the instructor will teach you about the distribution of weight on your feet and the weight distribution when you swing. It may seem unnatural at first, but your balance should flow through with the movement of the swing in one fluid action, from your backswing to the striking of the ball, and even carrying that balance through the follow through after you hit the ball.

When you get the proper balance, you will find you are naturally putting more weight on the back foot.

Tip 4: Work on your accuracy first, and the distance will follow.

What golfer doesn’t want to hit the ball far down the fairway? What a thrill. The problem is there is a tendency to try to swing too hard when trying to hit that long shot, which throws your balance off and makes for an erratic shot.

Try playing with smaller, more controlled swings, and you will gain control of your shots sooner. You will begin hitting for longer distances as you progress. This practice teaches correct technique which, in turn, helps you improve your golf score.

Tip 5: Putting saves strokes.

When you begin practicing putting on the greens, you are guaranteed to improve your score. That sounds obvious but take a look at the practice area. You will see more golfers trying to hit long drives and few on the practice putting green.

You need to get a feel for the stroke required for different distances. Begin by practicing on a flat green and start a few feet from the hole. Once you are consistently sinking the putt, start moving back. Keep doing this until you feel comfortable on the green. Working on a flat green first helps you get the proper stroke. Later you can work on reading the green and putting on slopes.

These five tips are just the starting points.

Bob Blick is the owner and webmaster of the Golf Training Aids website. You will find lots of information and golf tips at this site to help you lower your golf score. He is also the author of several exercise and fitness ebooks.

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