Different Moods May Affect Your Golf Scores

All golf enthusiasts and golf pros should be aware that it is important to keep their mood positive while they are striking the golf ball in the game. They say that each good golf swing is “80% psychological and 20% the physical swing”.

Mood’s impact on golfers is much higher than people of other sports fields. While a swimmer may feel pressure from swimming in front of other athletes, emotional excitement can motivate him so he can swim faster. By the same token, basketball players may jump higher; bodybuilders can lift more weight; track and field athletes may run faster. However, the game of golf and they are not the same. Pressure will cause muscle tension. Muscle tension will become worse with the swing rhythm. Most golfers are recognized when they played well in practice, but the results during play are not always ideal.

“If you do not get the better score, I will play better.” “I can hit the ball field during practice better.” He has repeatedly heard from those who play. The reason they cannot score during a match and are practicing at the driving range is that they want to be taken seriously in the game and they need to take responsibility for such results.

If you did not play well in one race, then it ‘s hard to keep your mood right.  When confronted with bad luck or lack of talent, players may be unhappy under pressure or depressed, and give up their personal efforts. On the contrary, when the failure is attributed to controllable instability or internal factors, players will turn pressure into motivation and hard work, redouble their efforts, and the achieve liberation from the psychological burden.

For those young players who want to become professional players, they must learn how to control their emotions. It also is compulsory to becoming a great professional player. Thank you for reading my article.


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