ECCO Golf Shoes Review

As with most men and women, I have played a round or two of golf in my time. One of the worst feelings is when you have reached the final hole, and your golf shoes are so uncomfortable that your golf swing is compromised. Instead of sending the ball to within inches of the cup, the ball slices into the rough.

Now, instead of going home with extra money in my pocket, I am forced to hand over my hard earned money to my golfing buddies. After returning home from my round of golf, I conducted some research online with a goal of finding better golf shoes. After researching many brands, I came to the conclusion that no company cares for, or spends as much time researching and developing their shoes as ECCO does.

The biggest problem with my golf swing, even when I am not fatigued from walking eighteen holes, is that I am not able to properly stabilize my feet throughout my swing. No matter what I try, I am unable to keep my feet in their proper place. This company spent countless hours researching and developing a solution to this flaw in my swing. By using an internal support system, ECCO has given my heels the lateral stability that I was missing from my previous shoes.

Once I return to the clubhouse after a round of golf, one of the first things I do is take off my shoes and inspect my feet for blisters. On the misty mornings that I play a round, I will be forced to wade through wet grass for the first few hours of play. My old shoes would trap the moisture against my feet, causing painful blisters. With GORE-Tex technology, my feet will stay dry, no matter how wet the grass is at dawn.

For most of my adult life, I have been trying to find the solutions to the mystery that is known as my golf swing. Be it blisters or improper footwork; I have never been able to put all of the pieces together. Once I discovered better golf shoes, the mysteries of my swing became less of a mystery, and more like ancient history.

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