Concentrate on your Golf Putting Basics

It has been said that your putting game can account for fifty percent or more of your golf score.  If you are looking for the quickest way to lose a few strokes from your game, then concentrating on putting basics may be the most efficient way.  Here is a quick review of golf putting basics and golf putting drills to help you rapidly improve your putting game.

First, check your setup and golf putting techniques. There are many different ways to set up for the golf putting stroke, but the key to proper set up is that you are comfortable while your eyes are directly positioned vertically over the ball.  Make sure you have a grip with light tension and with no breakdown in your putting stroke.  When making your golf putting stroke, use a steady, pendulum-like tempo and make sure to accelerate through the ball toward your target while keeping a “quiet” lower body throughout the stroke.  Accelerating through the ball is imperative as many golfers only bring the putter back, then decelerate through impact, causing errant putter strokes.

Second, incorporate a range of putting basics practice drills that work on distance control and accuracy as well as putting techniques. Here are three of our favorites putting fundamentals drills:

Putting Stroke Alignment: Putting Track Drill

Lay down two irons just wider than the putter parallel to the putting line. Practice 6-foot putts emphasizing smooth, square strokes.

Solid Golf Ball Contact: Putting Gate Drill

About two feet from the cup, place two tees very close to the toe and heel of the putter, making a “gate” and set the ball in the middle of the gate.  Hit putts, swinging through the gate, ensuring solid contact with the ball while missing the tees.

Golf Putting Distance Control: Putting Ladder Drill

Place line of tees at regular intervals up to the cup. Putt to the first tee, then putt to each subsequent tee. If you putt too far or short of the target, start over.

If you practice these golf putting basics drills and golf putting techniques regularly and incorporate them into your practice routines, you will aid your putting alignment, contact and distance control dramatically, which will have a direct impact on lowering your golf score.

Concentrate on your putting basics to lower your golf score. Use a golf pocket caddy to get golf help when you need it. Improve your golf hook shot if you are facing a problem with it.

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