Common Golf Mistakes

Despite all the nuances with golf instruction and the numerous types of golf swings out there, the majority of golfers suffer from the same common golf mistakes such as improper grip, golf shot alignment and weight transfer.  Below are a few golf tips to address these common mistakes.

Common Golf Mistake 1: Improper Grip

A standard mistake for most golfers is to have either too strong or too weak of a grip.  Here are a few golf tips to set up the proper neutral grip recommended for the majority of golf shots (for right-handers):

Take the little finger of right hand and place it between the index and middle finger of the left hand (leading hand).
The left-hand thumb should fit in the lifeline of the right hand.
When looking down at grip, the knuckles of the left-hand forefinger and middle finger are visible.
Check that the creases of thumbs and forefingers point between the right side of the face and right shoulder.

Common Golf Mistake 2: Improper Golf Shot Alignment

A second common mistake is to not align properly to the target line when setting up for the golf shot. You can have a great golf swing, but if you line up incorrectly, you will have trouble reaching your target.  So, here are a few golf tips to line up properly for your shot, whether on the range or the course.

For the majority of golf shots, the alignment procedure should be the same. Aim your club face along the “target line” and position your body parallel to the target line along the “body line.” To help visualize, think of standing along a railway line where the further rail is the path to the target, and the rail you are standing on is the body line.

It is useful to pick an intermediate target 1 to 2 feet in front of the ball and first aim your club face to the intermediate target, then set up properly with your body.

Also, when practicing, create an “alignment station” using 2 parallel clubs and place the ball in the middle of the clubs. Use the two clubs as alignment aids for your target and body line.

Common Golf Mistake 3: Improper Weight Transfer

The third common mistake is to shift weight to the left leg in a backswing which naturally triggers weight shift to the right leg in a downswing. This weight transfer fault is called a “reverse pivot” and often results in poor golf shots. Conversely, proper weight transfer results in 80% of weight on inside of right foot at top of backswing and full weight shift to left leg at finish position.

To ingrain the proper weight transfer, make sure that in the backswing, your body weight is kept on inside of right foot, and the right knee remains in place. This sets up correct weight shift to left in downswing.

If you can properly address these three most common golf mistakes, you will be well on your way for a consistent, solid golf swing.

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