Classic Rules of the Golf Swing

Perhaps, some golfer would ask: if I cause the golf ball to move while doing a test swing, what do I do next?

This issue is a bit complicated; it depends on whether the golf ball moves. The two essential differences are that one is unintentional and the other is intentional. In this article, I would like to talk about a classic case about rules of the golf swing.

In a PGA Tour, Davis Love III who is a good golfer hit the ball before his real swing. According to the rules, this approach is consistent with the Greens or fairways; he should move the ball back to the last position. Nobody would know what Davis Love III thought; maybe he thought it is not a mistake. So, Davis Love III did not go back to re-play the ball, but moved forward immediately to write down a 4-hole on the scorecard.

Golf rules provide that golfer should have two penalties if the golf ball moves before the player does his or her real swing. So the score of Davis Love III actually should be 5.

When Davis Love III calculated how much money he won, there was a suddenly a message about his whole score being wrong. Even more terrifying, because nobody can change the scorecard, he faced only one outcome, that is, DQ (disqualification)! Do you know how much money he would get after this tour? $154,370!!!

I don’t know if Davis Love III would argue with the referee committee, but the case of Davis Love III became a classic case of bad luck in the world. All the golf players must observe the Golf Rules. If you are a golfer and always do some test swings; you should pull your driver a little futher way from your golf ball. May you have good luck!


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