A Woman’s Perspective on Golf Equipment

Choosing the right golf equipment can be difficult no matter who you are. There are so many different brands, styles, clubs, sizes, etc. that it can be difficult to get everything straight which becomes even more challenging when you are a woman. It is understandable (and advisable) to try the sport of golf before purchasing a set of clubs. Golf is a unique game, and it’s a good idea to see if you enjoy playing it and are going to devote a chunk of time to it before you drop a load of money on fancy equipment. The problem is, when most women try out the sport, they use their husbands or boyfriends equipment. Men’s golf clubs are designed differently than women’s. While you may learn whether you like the game by using his clubs, you may not get a good indication of anything else.

There are many differences between men’s and women’s clubs, which we will discuss later. Because of this, it is better to use women’s clubs even when just starting out. Before purchasing a set, why not try to borrow women’s clubs from a fellow female golfer. If that isn’t an option, some places will allow you to rent clubs for a nominal fee. If you absolutely must buy, purchase a 6 or 7 iron or irons to start. You can even buy these used. The idea is just to get a feel for the game. Once you have determined whether you will be serious in your pursuit of the sport, then you can make the decision to spend a chunk of change on your clubs.

There are three aspects of the golf club that are relevant to your swing and will differ between men’s or women’s clubs. These characteristics are the swing weight, the shaft flex, and grip size. The swing weight refers to how heavy the club feels in your hands when it is swung. Women’s club range between C0 and C8, while men’s are considerably heavier. If you use a man’s club, you may notice that you don’t have sufficient control over your swing. As the primary goal of golf is to be able to control the clubhead, this will lead to problems.

The shaft flex refers to how flexible the shaft of the golf club is. The more flexible, such as in the L style, the more speed you can gain with the clubhead. Therefore, your ball will ultimately travel farther. Some less athletic men even find using the women’s clubs to be beneficial to their game.

Lastly, the grip size should be taken into consideration. Women have smaller hands and therefore need clubs with a smaller grip. This just further improves the control that the golfer has over the golf club and thus over the golf swing.

Using the correct equipment will ensure that you play to the best of your ability. By all means, try out the sport before diving into it, just make sure you use the right clubs to get the proper feel for the game.

Sydney Garrison is an avid cyclist and sports enthusiast. She is also a partner in an online bike rack store.

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