Use Brain Power for Lower Scores

Here’s How I Discover the Scoring Opportunity in every Awkward Shot

For some golfers, an awkward shot can throw off their whole game. You know the ones I’m talking about. A shot that throws you so off balance you take it into the next shot and the shot after that until you’ve made a mess of your scorecard.

Here is an excellent way to discover the scoring opportunity hidden in every one of those awkward shots and how you can gain the edge-up on your opponents who are not aware of how to adjust.

Remember golf is not all mechanics, it is also cerebral. It’s a thought process – a frame of mind. For me, it’s all of those things plus my attitude. I have a Callaway golf perspective. I know I’m swinging what the best in the game swing – so I must be pretty good, too. Right?

So with my attitude, when I’m faced with an awkward shot, I think it through. I put on my Callaway golf game face. I see myself swinging true. I picture myself keeping my balance and my head from moving, then…

I imagine the line my Callaway golf club must travel. I set up my shot by considering where the club head is and where it needs to be for the greatest distance and accuracy, keeping in mind that the ball is going to have contact with the club head for several inches through my swing. After a few practice swings, I judge what relationship my feet should have with the line, and I find a relaxed stance.

Now, I relax. Zen.

When you try this, first be aware of any problems you may encounter with keeping your balance. Shift if necessary until you find a comfortable position where there is no tension in your swing. Keep from swaying as you’re about to the hit the ball, but stay loose. Free your muscles and focus your mind on swinging your golf club smoothly. If you are fidgety when you address the ball, you are not going to be able to focus.

Keep your feet still and make sure you can see the ball from the beginning of your swing through to the end. A difficult shot needs relaxed focus.

This will be your edge if you can find it.

Keep your eye on the ball and your swing will be free from fault, ensuring the ball will be hit correctly. This will help you hit the ball cleanly and solidly and with confidence. That’s how you discover the scoring opportunity in every awkward shot and a positive turning point in your score.

A relaxed golfer is a focused golfer. And a focused golfer usually scores the lowest. So don’t let an awkward shot beat you. Relax and think it through. See your goal and outscore your opponents.

That’s what I did today, despite the snow, with brain power and my attitude from Callaway golf.

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