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First of all, retail golf equipment is much like retail PC equipment. The manufacturers are constantly changing the so-called ” state of the art ” in tools and quality. The cost of outfitting someone in the game of golf can range from $150.00 to $2,500.00 and beyond.

Since you need to have a bag available to haul your clubs around in, let’s start there. If you are the physically fit and desire to play golf as a form of working out, you may want to choose a lighter bag that’s simple to manage after walking all day. Personally, I like the lighter bag for the reason that it’s simple to load in and out of my car. Bags types range similar to automobiles, economical to ultra-expensive. Some groups like having a bag made of suede leather or even alligator skin. Usually, the better, prettier bags will stay on the line more than extras like your golf shoes, towels, golf balls, munchies J, windbreakers, and the list goes on. Golf bags by and large cost something like $75.00 to $300.00.

Before you decide which brand of golf clubs you desire, take a moment to decide which type of characteristics you want in your clubs. Present are three: Regular, which is flexible and ideal for seniors or women. Stiff, which is a fit for stronger, longer hitting players; and extra stiff, designed for experts or pro’s if you will. The shafts are made mostly of either graphite or steel. Personal preference determines the route on that.

The subsequent part is the “irons.” The manufacturers have made so many different models; it’s difficult to decide what to buy until you try them. Most of the newer golf shops offer an area with a covered netting to try the clubs before purchase. Depending on the experience of your swing, a qualified salesman or better yet, a Pro can guide you to the club that better suits your needs. Their cost range is probably $ 100-2000.

Many players like the “woods,” and nearly all are made of metal at this time, to match their irons. These tools are much superior to their predecessors and possess a much better ” sweet blemish ” to bump you into a capable shot. These, like the irons, depend on a range of personal preferences to esthetics to set their price. A quality wood can range in price from $ 100 – $1,000.

Lastly, in attendance is the world of golf balls. They too are rated by the player’s strength. The weakest players are supposed to enjoy an 80 compression sphere, the aggressive longer hitters are expected to enjoy a 90 compression sphere, and lastly, experts are supposed to enjoy a 100 compression sphere.

No golf bag would be complete without the inclusion of a golf umbrella! Perfect for the time when you’re 700 yards away from the next shelter. There is nothing designed more for the purpose of makes the game easier than the satellite rangefinder. With the use a satellite, it tells you exactly how far you are from your target. Besides a set a price tag of $300-500, personally, I think our founding fathers would roll in their graves at the concept of using this equipment on the course. Now, peruse around the clubs, maybe take a lesson or two, make some trips to the driving range, and as we say in the family, ” grip it and rip it!”.

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