Best Of Golf Carts

As the name suggests, a golf cart is a cart often used in the game of golf, thus the convenient name of golf cart. These golf carts have enough room to carry two players and their equipment. Usually, a golf caddy is seen sitting in the back of the cart.

A golf cart is a must have item on a large golf course. Since the golf course is often very extensive, it is not possible for players to walk from hole to hole without exhausting themselves. Hence, the invention of the modern day golf cart. Initially, it was run on electricity. Times and people have since changed, and so did golf carts.
The golf cart that dominates the market today is one of two types. One is run on gasoline, and the other on electricity. The electric golf cart has to be recharged from time to time but is supposed to be extremely environmentally friendly. Electric golf carts do not contribute to noise pollution either, in turn making them more popular than the gas golf cart.

Gas golf carts, even though widely used have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Someone can get stranded on the golf course if the golf cart runs out of gas. This is a major turn off, because people play golf to relax and unwind. Being stranded on a golf course does not contribute to that.

The job of a golf cart has changed over the years. It is not used solely for the game of golf anymore. Since it’s a small, compact ride, that runs on either gas or electricity and is environmentally friendly, a lot of housing communities have started implementing the golf cart as a means of getting from one place to another.

Today, a golf cart has become a common sight in senior citizen communities as well. The senior citizens often choose to move about the retirement facility via a golf cart, which makes it easier for them. The golf cart is easy to drive and extremely user-friendly. It may not be very fast, but it fulfills its purpose. Retirement communities tend to be very large and even bigger than some golf courses. The choice to use a golf cart for travel is not only a fun option but a smart one as well.

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