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In your spare time, when you are sleeping, playing games and chatting with you friends on the computer at home, you can also choose to play golf. It is a leisure sport. When you are playing, you can relax and enjoy life.

The Srixon XX10 fairway woods are new for 2009 and designed with Srixon’s unique ‘Power Charge’ technology concept that combines power from the face, body, and shaft of the club to deliver higher ball flight, consistency of direction and of course increased distance. The Srixon XXIO is a traditional looking fairway wood that holds beautifully to give all golfers confidence.


1. Highest and widest repulsion area in XXIO history for greater ball flight. New thick-wall face structure expands repulsion area by 35% from conventional models
2. Lower and deeper center-of-gravity, high ball launch and low spin. Maraging steel body + combined structure of thin wall crown and 15-3-3-3 titanium
3. Increased head speed for greater carry distance. Newly designed club shaft absorbs crush deformation near the grip
4. Easy to address the ball and follow through

It is best to make a list of the things that you enjoy the most about golf. Is it challenging your friends? Or perhaps, it is the way you play the game.

With the high number of golf games offered via the internet and electronic stores, there is no telling the time you’ll have to spend just to get the best. For sure, every one of them would tell you that they have what you are looking for.

To narrow down your search and as an additional guideline, you should also consider the scoring system of the game. Usually, golf simulations do not offer automatic scoring systems. Now, if you found one that does provide this, then definitely, that is something above the others.

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