5 Golf Drills to Lower Your Score

If you want to improve your talent on golf, you should use golfing drills. Golfing drills can help you concentrate on one or more aspects of the game. Then, it’ll be easy for you to measure your success. You can see that the difference between if you have golfing drills or not.

Here are five great golfing exercises to get you started:

1. To beat your hook shot, start by taking your stance to the ball. Swing your club up to the very top of your backswing, and then stop. Slowly count to yourself, one-two-three, and then begin your downswing.

This golfing drill forces you to slow down your lower body movements and the rotation of your wrists. When you force yourself to stop at the top, you have to set up your downswing process deliberately. Shift your weight slightly to the lead foot as you begin your downswing.

2. Chipping can be frustrating for many golfers. Instead of trying to hit the ball to the hole, place a folded towel on the green right where you want your ball to land. The bigger target area will make it much easier for you to concentrate on properly landing the ball, which is key to great chip shots.

3. If your putts routinely roll right or left of the cup, you may have a problem with your putting stance. It’s crucial to have a square stance when putting.

Try placing a flagstick at your feet, aligned with your toes and parallel to the target line you want to putt. Use the visual line of the stick as a guide for your putting line.

Your shoulders and hips must be on this same line as well. Once your body is square with your intended target path, you should see immediate improvement.

4. This next drill is fun and easy, but very powerful and works with all golf shots, from driver to putter.

Make it a habit to mentally “see” the shot before you. Visualize it happening as if you are watching a mind movie. Then perform the shot and see if your results are the same as what you envisioned.

If the results are not the same, stop and consider what part of the shot went astray. Perhaps the fade shot you imagined went off just fine, but the distance was short. Or maybe the putt you saw riding the break fell well short of the cup.

This drill allows you to hone in on the particular problem you may have with a specific shot. Once you pinpoint the cause, you can begin to fix it.

5. Swinging a broomstick is an excellent drill that focuses only on weight shift, which is crucial to powerful, solid golf shots.

To get started, cut off the bristles from a broomstick, and use the straight stick as a pretend golf club. Go through your golf swing, paying particular attention to your feet, legs, and hips. Concentrate on shifting your weight as you slowly move through your golf swing.

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